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Pop, Soul, Jazz, Folk

If you study the life path of Jamala whose biography is quite rich, then it will become known that this girl was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1983 on August 23. To date, she has become famous due to the fact that she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016. Her song "1944" amazed the whole world. Her musical compositions are very diverse. They combine blues, jazz and ethnicity. A little bit of lyricism lends character to each single.

Despite the fact that Jamala was from Kyrgyzstan, she stayed with her mother and father to live in Crimea. All her childhood was spent near Alushta in a village called Malorechenskoye. There she went to a music school, where she learned to play the piano. After - in Simferopol, she mastered operatic vocals.

The girl's father and mother were directly related to music. Mom was a teacher at a music school and had a great voice, and dad knew how to conduct.

From an early age, Jamala's mother noticed that the girl sings well. When performing songs, everyone around was simply shocked by the talent of the young singer.

When Jamala turned 9, an album was released with cover versions of famous songs for children. The sound engineer was simply shocked that all this was brought to life in just 60 minutes.

In total, there were 12 singles in the collection, which Jamala dubbed flawlessly and unmistakably. To encourage her daughter, the girl's mother solemnly handed her a Barbie doll.

After this collection was presented, the girl continued to study music and develop her talent. From the entire course she was considered the most capable. Her dream was to perform at the opera theater. But, soon, she changed her mind, she became more interested in jazz and oriental compositions. For everyone who wants to know more about the work of the singer "Jamal", Wikipedia, as an educational resource, gives a short but accurate answer.

When Susanna turned 15, she began to actively participate in various singing performances, both in Europe and in Russia and Ukraine. She has held leading positions many times.

At one of the jazz performances, the girl was seen by Elena Kolyadenko, a famous choreography teacher. By the way, she received the Dodge 2001 award at this competition. After meeting with the choreographer, Jamalu was invited to participate in the musical "Pa". So after a while people had the opportunity to see her on stage together with the FREEDOM ballet.

Many critics have admitted that Jamaladinova's voice is crystal velvety. He delighted me much more than the way real professionals danced.

There was a turning point in the formation of the artist's musical career. It was a well-deserved first place in the 2006 New Wave festival. Since then, all viewers have become accustomed to the fact that she is Jamal, because her improvisation and timbre of her voice were simply amazing.

She performed three phenomenal singles (folk composition in Ukrainian, British single) and the song "Mamenkin's Son", which she wrote herself. Singer Jamala gives her songs to her listeners with sufficient regularity and love.

It so happened that the host of the event was Sergey Lazarev, who lost to her at Eurovision after 7 long years.

Today, the artist lives in the capital of Ukraine, and occasionally goes to her native village to visit her parents.